21 Aralık 2012 Cuma

when i'm sad.

when i'm sad i walk around
i sit around
i lie around
- what are you doin’
- nothing, just dying
when i'm sad i want to be wallflower in dissapper
i want to hybernate with the bears
when i'm sad everything seems so complicated
i look down from high places
i collect poisonous mushrooms
i take long baths
i want to go back to my mother’s womb
when i'm sad i drown everything in tears
when i'm sad i feel ugly
i want to go to space, i hope aliens will destroy earth
i think everything is stupid, birds are stupid, umbrellas are stupid, rain is stupid

when i'm sad, i wear all black
i feel extra extra extra mean
i hate christmas, halloween, and birthday parties
i like to sit alone in the dark
when i'm sad, i want to run away
i want to live on a deserted island,

then i go and see a shrink and the shrink says blah blah blah blah blah
and i think, to kill him is a very good idea

then one morning i wake up and i feel fine
i go out and everything seems beautiful
i walk around, i sit around, i all lie around
- what are you doin’
- nothing, just being happy

the end

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